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Special Offer: Cellu M6 + SLTB CHF 199.-

Do you want a svelte figure for springtime?

At Bodyline Center, this month you can enjoy a session of Cellu M6 and SLTB for only CHF 199.-. This is a powerful slimming duo that will promote the elimination of stored fats, combat, and reduce cellulite.

Cellu M6 with LPG reshapes your silhouette. It firms, smoothes, drains and removes existing fat. While the SLTB treatment (which is a seaweed bodywrap placed under a heated blanket), ensures the elimination of fat cells while also eliminating toxins and fighting water retention through the effect of perspiration. The combination of the two methods makes it possible to ensure an optimal global loss of body fat and cellulite

Get ready for 2021 
with Bodyline Center’s detox body wrap for only CHF 199.- instead of CHF 150.-!

Offer valid until the end of March 2021.

Please call us at 022 310 48 10 or fill out the form below to enjoy our special offer!

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