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Body sculpting center – Special Offer: i-Sculpt FMS at CHF 140.-

Do you want a svelte figure this season?

Sculpt your silhouette for the new season with i-Sculpt FMS at Bodyline Center in Geneva. 

This is the new and revolutionary aesthetic device available at Bodyline Center. It is a non-invasive treatment for men and women. The i-Sculpt is a slimming solution that involves high-intensity electromagnetic sessions on targeted areas of your body. Thus eliminating fat and simultaneously increasing muscle mass, thanks to high-intensity electromagnetic impulses. It is the ideal treatment for anyone who wants to strengthen and tone up specific areas of their body. In this way, the treatment allows you to tone and burn fat at the same time in a painless way and without any surgery.

At Bodyline Center, i-Sculpt FMS is only 140 CHF instead of 290 CHF per zone.

Our business is our passion. Our priority is to take care of you.
Offer valid until the end of January 2022.

Please call us at 022 310 48 10 or fill out the form below to enjoy our special offer!

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