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Our body wraps programs and our slimming products have been selected for a visible and guaranteed result from the first sessions!

Bodyline Center‘s Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) is one of the most effective and reliable methods available for reducing body fat.

FMS lowers the temperature of the treated area by one to two degrees Celsius. Your body then tries to bring its temperature back to normal, which automatically burns fat cells.

FMS treatments can be precisely targeted to areas were fat deposits are most problematic, such as the stomach, hips and thighs. An efficient, anti-cellulite and anti-fat treatment from the first sessions.


Discover our 100% natural slimming products

        1. Mineral body wrap (SLTB)

          SLTB treatment will help you loosen and eliminate fat bundles. Heat allows the mineral salts to penetrate the tissues through the skin pores, and thus decongesting cells. Blood circulation and drainage will also be activated by heat.

          Process of the treatment:

          Body wrapping with bandages soaked in products containing slimming active ingredients and mineral salts, the sweat suit allows an optimal elimination of fat cells and a loss of volume

          Result: smoother and more hydrated skin, a slimmer silhouette and a visible loss of localized fat

        2. Toxin elimination (CCT)

          CCT treatment with algae purifies the cells and eliminates toxins from the treated area. It also fights water retention and the decongestion of small adipose deposits, thanks to the activation of blood circulation and drainage. The body immediately feels lighter and more refined.

          Process of the treatment:

          Wrapping the body with bandages soaked in products containing the slimming active ingredients of algae, the sweat suit allows optimal elimination of toxins and water retention.

          Result: a smoothed skin with a visible improvement in orange peel and cellulite, a loss of volume proven by the measurements made before and after.

        3. Thermo wrap

          This is an excellent slimming treatment featuring natural extracts such as caffeine and ivy, combined with the firming properties of horsetail extract to tone and smoothen your skin.Helping you to lose extra inches.

          Moreover, Benzenes’ nicotinate facilitates the penetration of these active ingredients thanks to its heating effect. Its non-greasy texture ensures optimal absorption and a visible result as of the first session.

          Process of the treatment:

          Starting with the application of a thick layer of Bodyline Center’s Thermo heating gel on the desired areas to be treated and an energetic massage that allows the active ingredients of this treatment to deeply penetrate and begin acting on the fat cells and cellulite.

          Result: a smoother and firmer skin, a slimmer silhouette and a visible loss of localized fat.

        4. Detox wrap

          This detox slimming wrap combines two algae, Lessonia (kelp) and Lithothamnium (coral) to help rid the body of excess toxins. It is an intense and efficient treatment at Bodyline Center.

          Featuring powerful traces of chemical elements, such as iodine and mineral salts, these detox wraps promote the elimination of stored fats, helps to combat and reduce cellulite. When combined with a balanced diet, it is an ideal slimming ritual treatment at Bodyline Center.

          Process of the treatment:

          Our signature DETOX treatment comes in the form of a powder. It becomes a creamy paste when mixed with warm water. We then apply this paste to the entire body, then tightly wrap a plastic film around the body and place a heating blanket over it.

          Duration: 15 to 30 minutes. After this, we rinse the excess product off.

          Result: a loss of volume, a slimmer silhouette, smoother and firmer skin.

          Principle active ingredient: Laminaria seaweed powder.

        5. Anti-yo-yo (TMG)

          Against the famous yo-yo effect. Thanks to the components of this treatment, the walls of the fat cells are strengthened. Thus, the new fat cannot be lodged again in the cells.

          Process of the treatment:

          Wrapping the body with bandages soaked in products containing the active ingredients that stabilize the weight, the effect of cold helps to firm the skin.

          Result: a firmer body, a slimmer silhouette and a defense of fat cells to recover lost fat.

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