Body wraps

Our body wraps programs and our slimming products have been selected for a visible and guaranteed result from the first sessions!

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Discover the FMS, a one-of-a-kind method

Bodyline Center‘s Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) is one of the most effective and reliable methods available for reducing body fat.

FMS lowers the temperature of the treated area by one to two degrees Celsius. Your body then tries to bring its temperature back to normal, which automatically burns fat cells.

FMS treatments can be precisely targeted to areas were fat deposits are most problematic, such as the stomach, hips and thighs. An efficient, anti-cellulite and anti-fat treatment from the first sessions.

Discover our 100% natural slimming products

    1. Mineral body wrap (SLTB)

      SLTB treatments help loosen and eliminate fat bundles. Heat allows the mineral salts to penetrate the tissues through the skin pores, decongesting cells and stimulating blood circulation

    2. Toxin elimination (CCT)

      The CCT body wrap uses seaweed extracts to drain toxins from cells in the treated area. It also flushes excess fluid and loosens small fat deposits by stimulating blood circulation. Your body feels immediately lighter!

    3. Tissue Regeneration System (TRS)

      The ideal treatment against cellulite TRS is a type of cryotherapy that uses cold to reduce inflammation in the connective tissue. Vitamins and mineral salts then give tissues a smooth and silky look. This treatment has a firming effect on the tissues of the treated area.

    4. Skin nourishment and regeneration (TSS)

      Ultimate anti-ageing for your skin. The vitamin C in this treatment nourishes your skin, promotes new cell growth and repairs stressed and exposed areas of the skin. TSS also contains collagen, which has a firming effect on skin and enhance its elasticity. Your skin feels softer, fresher and more supple.

    5. Anti-yo-yo (TMG)

      The best treatment against the infamous yo-yo effect. The ingredients in this wrap effectively strengthen the walls of fat cells to allow new fat to be stored in the same cells.

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