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Our body wraps programs and our slimming products have been selected for a visible and guaranteed result from the first sessions!

To have the body of your dreams without taking any risk or having to endure the effects of plastic surgery is the promise of BODYLINE CENTER GENEVA. We use powerful treatments to treat fat that are effective from the very first session. At Bodyline Center, we offer cold and hot slimming wrap programs with thinning, draining, and toning effects to eliminate fat and lose weight effectively. The results are visible from the very first sessions.

The highly qualified therapists who work at our slimming institute in Geneva offer you professional slimming wraps that are specifically tailored to your needs. The Bodyline Center therapists will treat you with slimming body wraps based on algae, mineral salts, menthol, and mud. The products used are of the highest quality and have draining, slimming, and moisturising properties that will specifically meet your needs.


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Try our slimming body wraps for CHF 99 per session! We offer cold and hot slimming body wrap programs that have draining and toning effects to eliminate fat and toxins fast from your body. Achieve visible results from the very first visit to Bodyline Center.

Combining hot and cold for an even more effective anti-cellulite effect

The various hot and cold wraps offered by Bodyline Center are ideal for removing cellulite. If you combine them, you will see even better results. The therapist begins with a heated slimming wrap: the sweating effect under the heated blanket will encourage the elimination of excess water and toxins. This warm treatment will be followed by a cold wrap which will have a slimming and tissue-toning effect.

How does each treatment work?

Each treatment consists of wrapping the body with body treatments based on algae, mineral salts, menthol, gel or mud.  

Here is what each professional slimming wrap consists of:

– Wraps:

The slimming wrap consists of inducing the entire surface of the body with a specific mixture composed of therapeutic active ingredients allowing optimal slimming. As part of a slimming treatment, the slimming body wrap is a basic technique to incorporate into your weight loss routine. The Bodyline Center therapists recommend combining this treatment with other slimming techniques and the latest generation of machines such as Cellu M6, cryolipolise, I sculpt, etc., to increase the effect. The slimming wrap helps to refine the figure, moisturize, and smooth the skin.

The +++  

After this slimming wrap treatment, you will feel lighter, your clothes will fall off better and your skin will be more radiant.

The anti-cellulite wrap is a natural and effective treatment for shaping the figure. Its active ingredients detoxify the body thanks to their draining effect and soften the tissues. The objective of the anti-cellulite wrap is to shape the figure and reduce the orange peel effect.

The +++ 

After an anti-cellulite wrap, you will notice that your skin is firmer and smoother. You can wear your shorts without worrying about what your legs will look like.

The mineralization wrap or SLTB treatment is a treatment that provides trace elements and mineral salts that remineralize the epidermis. It is a very powerful wrap to eliminate toxins and purify the body. The SLTB treatment is a formula that is very rich in minerals and trace elements that are essential for our metabolism.

The +++ 

Once applied, the mineralization wrap allows the body to eliminate toxins by unclogging the cells and giving suppleness and softness to the skin. It thus allows a rapid and visible loss of volume.

– Warm wraps:

The slimming seaweed wrap is perfect if you want to reshape your figure and give your body a facelift, thanks to the seaweed acting as a filter and detoxifying your body. It is the ultimate detoxifying and purifying treatment that helps eliminate toxins and water retention. It visibly reduces the appearance of orange peel skin and cellulite and softens your skin. The high concentration of minerals (iodine, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, magnesium, etc.) and vitamins contained in algae promotes microcirculation and provides the skin with what it needs to be healthy.

When you do a seaweed wrap, the powerful marine active ingredients, oligo-elements, and draining mineral salts penetrate your skin and simply make it more beautiful. A seaweed-based preparation is spread on the areas of the body to be treated.

To allow the active marine ingredients to be even more effective, the body is then wrapped in plastic wrap and covered with a heating blanket. The heat allows the active marine ingredients of the slimming seaweed wrap to penetrate the body, eliminate toxins, and refine the figure.

The +++ 

After a slimming seaweed wrap, your skin is remineralized, moisturized, and purified, as if deeply cleansed. This detox also helps to considerably reduce muscle and joint pain. You simply feel relaxed.


The heated slimming wrap, also known as the thermo-sudation wrap, is carried out with the help of a heating blanket consisting of 3 adjustable zones according to the needs of each person.

The thermo treatment considerably favours the pores’ dilation and allows an important vectorisation of the active ingredients through the skin. It eliminates excess water and promotes cellular exchanges and the elimination of toxins, thus leading to a reduction in volume.

The therapist applies a thermo-heating gel to the body in a thick layer. The body is then covered with a heating blanket to maximise the effect of the gel. The heated slimming wrap is perfect if you are overweight.

The +++ 

The heated slimming wrap is so relaxing that you will release all your stress. A relaxed body is more receptive to the treatments it receives, so the effects of the treatment will be more visible and will promote weight loss.


– Cold wraps:

The cold wrap, also called cryogenic, is a powerful anti-cellulite wrap that lowers the body temperature and thus, helps localised fat to be eliminated and tissues to be unclogged. It is a complete and intensive treatment that acts effectively on localised fat.

During a cold wrap, the lower limbs are covered with bandages previously soaked in a pharmaceutical preparation based on camphor and menthol, known to help eliminate localised fat and firm up the tissues. The cooled body struggles to warm up and you burn calories.

The +++  

The cold wrap provides a sense of well-being and lightness to the legs. It is pleasant, especially during the hot season. It effectively firms and softens the skin and tissue, slims down the legs, and eliminates cellulite.

In just a few sessions, your skin will be unclogged and detoxified. Your figure will be slimmed and reshaped thanks to the invigorating, stimulating, and detoxifying effect of the cold wrap.

The FMS or Fat Mobilization System is a treatment for people who want to reshape their figure, lose weight, and consequently lose inches. The therapist wraps the body in fabric bandages that will cool the areas where fat is located. The body, while trying to warm itself, will tap into the fat cells that are sensitive to cold and will burn them.


The +++ 

A refreshing treatment par excellence that activates blood circulation and drainage, providing a feeling of well-being to heavy legs during the hot season. The FMS, through its cold action, firms the skin and consequently refines the figure, which is transformed in just a few sessions.

The Cryotonic treatment is THE essential treatment for any slimming cure.

This cooling wrap restores vitalitý to the body quickly thanks to the active ingredients contained in the bandages.

The role of the Cryotonic treatment is to firm up the slackened skin and smooth it out. The therapist wraps the body in bandages soaked in slimming and firming products and leaves them on for 25 minutes.

After the Cryotonic treatment, you can slip back into the clothes that were a little tight. The skin is visibly firmer, and you lose centimeters.

The +++ 

The Cryotonic treatment is very much appreciated by our clients for the feeling of well-being it provides, and the results obtained from the first sessions.

The Cryotonic treatment also helps to reduce stretch marks on the stomach, thighs, etc., thanks to its high collagen content and its highly moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients.

If you have an important event, the Cryotonic wrap is very effective in fighting cellulite and helps you lose inches quickly.

In addition to being a STAR treatment, the Cryotonic treatment provides a much-appreciated general well-beinǵ.


The Bodyline Center therapists are there to advise you and provide you with all the answers to your figure problems. Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice as we have a solution for every situation.

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