Care products

To warranty the follow-up and the success of your treatment, we propose you a selection of natural facial care, for an optimal result!

Natural care products

Back home, you want to increase the success of your treatment with some high efficiency care products and perfectly adapted to your problem areas. These products are developed in Switzerland and rigorously selected by Bodyline Center. They help you reshape your body. All the components like ivy, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon oil or seaweed, are all natural.

Our special products


Firming Gel

Thanks to its active principles, the hamamelis distillate and the menthol, this special, cold and refreshing gel, acts against heavy land swallow legs. It stimulates the blood circulation, the fat elimination and the skin firming.
250ml Fr. 55.-

Lipid-c-creamLipide-C Cream

This special and revolutionary product stimulates the fat elimination. Applied everyday on the problem areas (belly, legs, arms, buttocks), it destroys the fatty surfaces and prepares the adipose tissues to be rejected from your body. This moisturizing cream smoothes also the epidermis and improves the general state of your skin. This cream contains jojoba oil, cyclodextrin, L- carnitine and silk proteins. 150 ml Fr. 75.-

Herbal-creamHerbal Cream (with a warming effect)

This special cream with biological proteins stimulates the skin circulation and eliminates the fat. It acts against the orange peel and the loosening of the skin. Its components are chilli extract and seaweed.
200 ml Fr. 95.-

The virtues of the teas and the specific infusions!

Tisane-belle-silhouetteFatburner tea

This tisane reduces the body fat level, stimulates the blood circulation, accelerates the metabolism, reduces the hunger sensation and combats the tiredness.
Ingredients: Green tea, maté, hibiscus, lemon verbena leaves.
Fr. 34.-

Tisane-detoxDetox Tea

Eliminates the body toxins.
Ingredients: Java tea, nettle, birch leaves, boldo leaves, knapweed and bugrane roots.
Fr. 34.-