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To warranty the follow-up and the success of your treatment, we propose you a selection of natural facial care, for an optimal result!
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Our natural products

From the comfort of your home, you can increase the success of your weight loss treatments with some of our highly efficient natural products that are perfectly adapted to your problem areas. These products are developed in Switzerland and meticulously selected by Bodyline Center. They help you sculpt your body. What is more, each of the powerful ingredients such as ivy, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon oil and seaweed, are all 100% natural.

The virtues of the teas and the specific infusions!


Detox Tea

Eliminates the body toxins.
Ingredients: Java tea, nettle, birch leaves, boldo leaves, knapweed and bugrane roots.
Fr. 48.-


Beautiful silhouette herbal tea

Beautiful silhouette herbal tea : Weight control, satiety
Herbal tea with plants and seaweed Fucus traditionally used in slimming Thalasso centres
Weight control, satiety
This loose herbal tea promotes elimination, slimming and well-being.
This herbal tea, made up of 4 plants and a slimming algae, can be drunk throughout the day;
prepared in the morning, it will be drunk hot or cold, stored in a thermos, for example.
This herbal tea offers an iodized fragrance, quite normal with rockweed, which is a marine
algae, essential in slimming cures since fucus helps to burn fat and cut hunger. Indeed,
rockweed is commonly used in thalasso centres that offer slimming cures.
If desired, you can add a pinch of peppermint or “flio”, rosemary, lemongrass, organic lemon
juice or peels or any other refreshing plant. Do not add sugar to the herbal tea.
In addition to the flat stomach effect, this gives a feeling of lightness in the legs (red vine),
which can be very appreciable in hot weather.
48 CHF


Slimming Herbal Tea

Slimming Herbal Tea: Weight loss, elimination of toxins, and rebalancing.
A powerful herbal tea that helps define your waist.
Our new slimming herbal tea is even more delicious than before, as we have replaced the rockweed
with lemongrass.
For rockweeds’ lovers, which is a seaweed, you can test our beautiful silhouette herbal tea that
offers an iodized taste with slimming properties elimination and drainage similar to the thin
figures herbal tea.
Our slimming herbal tea with five plants will accompany you for a complete 21-
day elimination and detox cure (cell renewal cycle).
48 CHF

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