Nutrition counseling – Nutritionist in Geneva

The nutrition counselling is open to all patients who are interested in a diet which is supported or not by the doctor. A healthy and well balanced nutrition plays an important role for your health
and your weight control. It helps to prevent various health problems (cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer…) It helps also for physical performance, esthetic and intellectual, vitality, skin…And the moral well-being, which is the activator for a good health.

Nutrition counseling in Geneva

Process of the nutrition counselling

1st stage: Nutritional balance (during the first consultation)

The nutritional balance is a vital stage for the elaboration of a personal diet program. It allows to detect
the possible causes of various overweight problems, cellulitis, water retention, eventual unbalanced food supplements (nutrients, vitamins and minerals) and to estimate the calorie intake of your current nutrition. It allows you as well to get to know yourself better, to define your nutrition and culinary profile for establishing an effective diet strategy. The balance is also the occasion to define your relationship with nutrition and to make a link between your emotions and your alimentation behaviour. Of course, the alimentary protocol is adapted individually. The conclusions of your balance will be commented and also the first objectives will be put in place. From the first meeting of your treatments, your personal nutrition programm, will have involved your objective, your lifestyle, your nutritional behaviour, your health… and will be explained to you in detail. The consultation can be varied from one patient to another, depending on the diet diagnosis.

2nd stage: Further consultations (15 to 30min)

The supervision is essential. The frequency is in average every two weeks, but is varying depending on your profile and your objectives. The consultations become less with the time if the objectives are reached. They could be also more frequent in difficult situations, when you need support. Different topics are discussed during the meetings, depending on your needs and wishes. Our team is certified, has an excellent expertise and is informed on a regular basis about the newest evolutions in the domain of nutrition. We propose to our patients tailored menues and exemples of season menues. We are also establishing suggestions of recipes and menues for special occasions, such as Christmas, Easter…etc
Regular diet follow-ups, evolution, result-driven adjustments, support and motivation are the key for success.

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