Our method

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Our Method

To guarantee the success of your treatment, our highly successful method is based on the four principles of the Bodyline Center system:

  1. Comprehensive and personalised assessment by an expert

    We start by taking precise measurements and analysing your body composition (fat and muscle mass, etc.) using the “In Body”. Next, our expert therapists identify your problem areas and assess your nutritional status. This information is then used to define a personalised thinning program to help you reach your desired objectives.

  2. Diet support and monitoring

    Throughout your program, your personal therapist helps you achieve your objectives by suggesting intermediate steps and regularly monitoring your dietary choices. She also offers valuable advice on how to improve your overall well-being.

  3. Treatments adapted to the desired objectives

    Bodyline Center specialises in slimming therapies. The broad range we offer allows us to choose the most appropriate treatment for your situation. Our expertise guarantees that our programs effectively and reliably deliver the expected results.

  4. 100% natural Swiss products

    To complement your program, we have selected a range of exclusive beauty products that meet our high quality standards. Using these 100% natural, Swiss-made products at home can enhance the effectiveness of your program.

Maigrir rapidement et naturellement :

Over the past 10 years, thousands of men and woman expressed their satisfaction with the results they achieved thanks to Bodyline Center. Here are a few of the many testimonials we have received:

  • Rocherieux-Francine
    I reshaped my body without any effort…

    I didn't believe in miracle weight-loss cures, but in fact I've been pleasantly surprised. I've lost 15 kilos, but more importantly, I’ve enjoyed taking care of myself and undergoing the various treatments in my programme. I'm currently in the stabilisation phase and delighted to have reached my ideal weight. You need to be motivated, of course, but the therapists really help you stick to the programme. Thanks to the professional advice I received at Bodyline Center, I've learned to manage my food intake better.
    I look so much better and I'm eating more healthily again!

  • Rocherieux-Francine
    I lost 26 kilos the natural way…

    For many years I suffered because of my weight. When I first came to Bodyline Center, I had pretty much lost faith. I was desperate to shed the excess kilos, but previous attempts had been unsuccessful. I was completely discouraged.
    Nevertheless, I followed the advice of the Bodyline Center's coaches - they really listened to me and gave me a lot of encouragement, support and follow-up.
    Today, a lot of things have changed for the better in my private life and at work. And that’s just the beginning! I have a lot more self-confidence, and I finally feel beautiful and attractive. People around me are really surprised.
    Now I make sure I to set aside time to take care of myself, because I understand how important this is for my physical and mental wellbeing!

  • Rocherieux-Francine
    My doctor recommended Bodyline Center’s slimming programme.

    After seeing the great results some of his patients had with Bodyline Center, he was sure they could help me lose weight. In my case, it was the last step before knee replacement surgery. They made me feel welcome, and immediately reassured me. The treatments are enjoyable and the diet advice is extremely useful.
    Now that I've lost weight, I've decided not to have the surgery after all, and my pain is almost gone. I even enjoying getting dressed again, going for walks and exercising a bit.