Cryolipolysis in Geneva – Coolsculpting near me

How to lose belly fat? How to slim down your thighs? How to lose excess weight around your hips?

It would be perfect to find a slimming solution that made you lose weight quickly.  A treatment that directly and effectively targeted the right body area. So, what if at Bodyline Center this dream could become a reality?

With Bodyline Center, you just have to ask to be satisfied.

Indeed, our slimming center in Geneva offers you an infallible and innovative method call cryolipolysis.

Supported by equipment from the latest generation, this method allows you to get rid of 80% of fat cells and to fight against cellulite.


Cryolipolysis at

CHF 239.-

Do you dream of having a slim and harmonious silhouette? It’s possible with medical cryolipolysis! It dissolves unwanted fat, sculpts your body and reveals your beauty. Book now a cryolipolysis (Swiss price) of 239 CHF at Bodyline Center and enter a new dimension of beauty!

What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis, also called coolsculpting, is a method of destroying fat using cold. Requiring no surgical action, cryolipolysis is a real alternative to liposuction. This is a real cold slimming treatment which allows to lose weight quickly and ensures effective silhouette remodeling. In addition, this treatment does not require any medication or convalescence period. We only recommend that, outside of your sessions, you adopt a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy and balanced diet.

Why use a cold fat destruction method?

t has been scientifically proven that fat cells, also called adipocytes, are much more sensitive to cold than other cells in our body. Losing weight through the cold is therefore the ideal solution for losing weight (cryolipolysis) quickly and effectively!

How to lose weight quickly with cryolipolysis?

At Bodyline Center, your slimming center in Geneva, we use the Cryosculptor, the latest
generation device for cryolipolysis. This state-of-the-art slimming method can treat the following
main areas:

  • Hips
  • The inner and outer surfaces of the thighs
  • The belly
  • Love handles
  • The buttocks

The Cryosculptor used by Bodyline Center consists of 4 applicators, called cryodes, which can be
compared to suction cups and which allow 2 areas of the body to be treated simultaneously.
These cryodes will vacuum the area to be treated and freeze the accumulated fat cells by
diffusing intense cold. The Bodyline Center team has followed very advanced training in order to
provide its clients with this treatment.

How does a cryolipolysis session take place?

Step 1: we apply an anti-freeze membrane to the skin in the area to be treated to avoid any risk of burning the skin by the cold.
Step 2: we position the cryodes on the fatty fold to be treated. The cryode will then suck up the bulge and diffuse cold in order to freeze the fat cells and destroy them permanently.
This step will last 50 minutes. Such long exposure will cause inflammation of the cells and lead to their elimination (a phenomenon called apoptosis).
Steps 3: After removing the cryodes, we perform a massage for a few minutes in order to warm the treated area and above all to facilitate the elimination and dispersion of frozen and destroyed fat cells.
A cryolipolysis slimming program takes place over 2 to 4 months. In fact, it takes between 1 and 3 sessions to reduce the fatty fold by 80%. Each session must be spaced 4 weeks apart to allow time for the destroyed fat cells to be completely eliminated by the body.

Bodyline Center, your slimness center in Geneva

Cryolipolysis is the ideal slimming treatment to quickly obtain a flat stomach, eliminate saddlebags or even firm your buttocks. Combined with Cellu M6 sessions to eliminate cellulite, the results will be even more impressive. Our advisors are there to help you in your slimming process in order to guide you towards the treatments that will best address your problem and allow you to achieve your slimming goals. For any further information on cryolipolysis, do not hesitate to contact us directly and also benefit from your free slimming assessment! For effective and rapid weight loss, opt for a pain-free technique with 100% guaranteed results.

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