Which treatments for the menopause ?

To pass better trough this difficult moment of menopause, the essential will be to feel good in your body. At Bodyline Center, your wellness is our priority.

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Live well with the menopause

Menopause: zoom on the symptoms that act on your silhouette

The menopause is a big upset in the affective but especially in the physical life of a woman. Starting generally with hot flashes and racing thoughts, but it also causes:

  • Weight gain
  • Modification of the buttocks, stomach and breasts volume
  • Appearance of roundness on the waist
  • A drier skin, thin and sparse hair

The inconveniences caused by the menopause are multiple. Simply, Bodyline Center proposes you specified treatments for the post-menopause that will help you minimize the symptoms, or eliminate them.

Menopause: zoom on the post-menopause treatments of Bodyline Center

Our post-menopause program works on the negative effects on your body and your skin. But not only.

We know that every woman live it in a different way, and for this reason Bodyline Center work with the best therapists that can identify your needs, and give you the cheer and the adapted treatments you require.

We offer you an integral follow-up with 12 detox body wraps treatments that consist in eliminating the water retention working on the fat reduction and the silhouette thinning.

Our products selection is conceived to answer to all the specific problems linked to the menopause. Besides, the purifying effect of our body wraps, they nourish your skin so it’s recover, it’s elasticity and it’s youth.

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