Which treatments for the menopause – Losing weight after menopause

To pass better trough this difficult moment of menopause, the essential will be to feel good in your body. At Bodyline Center, your wellness is our priority.

Menopause: focus on the symptoms that affect your silhouette.

Menopause is a disruption in a woman’s affective life but most importantly in her physical life. Usually starting with hot flashes and mood swings, it can also cause weight gain, changes in buttock, stomach and chest volume, the appearance of waist curves, drier skin or thinner hair. While the inconveniences of menopause are numerous, Bodyline Center offers specific treatments during menopause that can help you to greatly reduce or even eliminate these symptoms.

Losing weight after menopause

Menopause: focus on Bodyline Center’s menopause programs and their benefits

Our menopause program works against symptoms that have a negative effect on your body and skin. But not only that. We all know that every woman experiences this period in a different way. So, Bodyline Center has surrounded itself with the best therapists who can identify the needs of each one of you, to provide you with the required comfort and the appropriate treatments. We therefore offer you a complete follow-up with 12 treatment options that consist in eliminating water retention while working on fat reduction and silhouette refinement. Our range of products is designed to solve any specific menopause problem. In addition to their purifying effect, our treatments deeply nourish your skin so that it regains all its elasticity and youthfulness.

Your cure also allows you to be relaxed thanks to the attentiveness of our team. Results: You feel lighter physically and morally.”

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