Cryotherapy treatment in Geneva

You want to slim quickly and treat some problem areas? So the cryotherapy is made for you!

This miraculous method, allows you to lose weight really quickly and without any effort! The cryotherapy is a cold treatment that consists in applying extreme cold on the pathological areas to create a thermal shock. An incredible result that will eliminate 80% of the fatty cells! This technic is also really efficient with the cellulite.


The cryotherapy: a marvel for the body!

The method of cryotherapy chamber consists in massage the problem areas of the patient with a technological machine that cold the areas. This treatment stimulates the body so that it activates a “survival response” against the cold. The goal of this treatment is to create an energy expend and a release of endorphins. A quick technic, painless and that assures you stunning results!

Apart from the weight loss, the cryotherapy has also miraculous virtues on your body. It gives to it more tonicity, heals some injuries, oedemas and calms the inflammations.

Thanks to the cryotherapy, a revolutionary method, painless and really efficient, Bodyline Center warranty you good results from the first session.

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