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What care for post-pregnancy treatment – Weight loss after pregnancy

We are mothers; but we are women first and foremost, and we all have the right to take care of our bodies after pregnancy.
Want to lose weight after a pregnancy

Childbirth is the most beautiful experience for a woman and the most beautiful gift. Simply, this is not without consequences. Pregnancy has considerably altered your body, your stomach relaxes, your chest becomes drooping after breastfeeding, you can no longer lose weight and regain your old silhouette? It is time to give your body the care it needs so that you can recover your youthful body and feel good again in your body.


Discover our post-pregnancy program, even during breastfeeding

First and foremost, and not least, know that at Bodyline Center your babies are welcome!
Our post-pregnancy program handles several issues. It’s not just about losing weight, but more importantly, about regaining a balanced lifestyle while feeling good about yourself. You need a specific post-pregnancy nutritional follow-up to regain your strength and avoid deficiencies. Start by melting and removing accumulated fat cells with our wrapping treatments and machines such as Cellu M6 and Cryolipolysis. Start the firming phase with the cavitation/transion treatment to not only lose volume, but also help you build up your stomach and chest.

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