Which treatments for the post-pregnancy ?

We are mothers, but we are women above all, and we have the right to take care of our body after the pregnancy.

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Recover your youth body after your pregnancy

Desire to lose weight after a pregnancy

Bring a child to this world is the most beautiful experience for a woman and the best gift. Simply, it is not without consequences for the body.

The pregnancy has considerably modified your body, your belly is loosened, your breast is falling after the breastfeeding, you can’t lose weight anymore and find your old silhouette back. It’s time to offer to your body the treatments it needs, feel good in your body again and lose weight properly.

Find out our complete post-pregnancy programs

First of all ladies, you have to know that your babies are welcome at the Bodyline Center!
Our post-pregnancy program take care of various points, it isn’t just about loosing weight but most of all about taking over a balanced lifestyle and feeling good in your own skin.

  1. You have to follow a post-pregnancy and nutritional follow up to regain strength and avoid the nutritional deficiencies.
  2. Start with melting and eliminating the accumulated fatty cells thanks to our body wraps treatments.
  3. Finish with a strengthening step with our cavitation and transion treatment that will make you lose not only the volume, but will also muscle your belly and your breast.
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