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Feel good in your body again, jump ahead and start a beautiful adventure with us!

That you either have health problems or feel bad in you body due to your overweight that poison your everyday life, Bodyline Center is your slimming solution. Thanks to our expert consultants and our best thinning products we offer you a lasting and guaranteed follow-up and backing.

With Bodyline Center, have faith and prepare yourself to lose weight quickly.

lose weight quickly

The 12 treatments for a cure thinness

We have selected 12 thinning treatments in Geneva for you, mechanical and manual treatments for excellent results.

So enjoy our cavitation treatments to rapidly fight against the cellulite and the toxins, or body wraps treatments that improve the aspect of your skin, boost the blood circulation and have draining effects.

How to lose weight effectively with Bodyline Center?

  • Selection of the right treatement

Diet support and monitoring throughout your program: the aim is not to strictly monitor your food intake but to understand the principles of a balanced diet that’s not only suited to your lifestyle and personality, but also satisfies your body’s needs.

  • The backing and the follow-up

The stabilization phase: the goal is to avoid the yo-yo effect and ensure that your weight loss is permanent.

  • A long-lasting thinning treatment

Ongoing follow-up with your therapist: the fact that you’re not alone in the process keeps you motivated, a crucial factor of success.

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