I-SHAPE EMS offers

What is I-Shape?

The I-Shape, a latest generation EMS device in Geneva used at Bodyline Center, represents the pinnacle of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics and slimming. This innovative and affordable technology allows different areas of the body to be treated simultaneously, offering remarkable results in just a few sessions. Scientifically proven, this electrostimulation method aims to eliminate fat, tone the skin and promote muscle mass. The unique combination of the I-Shape includes electrodes which, controlled by software from a tablet, cause targeted muscle contractions.

This comprehensive approach guarantees an effective treatment, adapted to the specific needs of each person, strengthening the abdomen, the pelvic floor, toning the buttocks, contributing to weight loss and improving blood circulation. Beyond its aesthetic benefits, I-Shape improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, helps lose fat and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Donning the suit, users can choose from a variety of programs on the tablet, thereby controlling the intensity of stimulation. The session ends gently leaving no visible impact on the body. The I-Shape offers a comprehensive approach to achieving aesthetic and fitness goals.

Why use electrostimulation treatment?

It is ideal for anyone who wants to strengthen hard-to-reach areas of their body in just 25 minutes per session for 40,000 contractions. Without resorting to surgery, I-Shape allows slimming using electromagnetic waves. It also increases strength, strengthens the abdomen and pelvic floor, tones the buttocks, helps in cellulite reduction and improves blood circulation.

How to sculpt your silhouette with I-Shape?

At Bodyline Center, your slimming center in Geneva, we use I-Shape EMS,
the latest generation of electrostimulation device at a very competitive price.
This latest generation muscle strengthening and slimming method allows the
following main areas to be treated at the same time:

  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen – Legs
  • Calves
  • Arms

What happens during a session?

After putting on the suit, we select the appropriate program which is divided into two or three stages depending on the objectives. The patient can control the intensity of the stimulation per zone on their body at any time using the tablet. Using low frequency radio waves, fat cells break down and release their contents, allowing also to tone and densify the muscles. The session ends after 25 minutes.
The machine leaves no marks on the body.

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