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Bodyline Center’s philosophy is to be equipped with the latest technologies in the slimming and well-being fields.

With this in mind, we have equipped our slimming center in Geneva with I-Sculpt.

As of today, we invite you to try this revolutionary device without delay to lose body fat, strengthen, and reinforce your body effortlessly and in only a few sessions!



I-Sculpt FMS is the only non-invasive, effective, and painless procedure in the world that allows you to reduce body fat, sculpt your abs and thighs, reshape your buttocks, and gain muscle mass on your stomach, thighs, and buttocks.

It is a non-invasive technology designed for women and men who wish to lose body fat and gain muscle mass simultaneously thanks to high-intensity electromagnetic pulses that will sculpt and tone the body.

How does a session with the I-Sculpt work?

The therapist will take the time to discuss your needs and target the areas you wish to improve. She will also determine if there are any medical restrictions to the use of I-Sculpt.

If no counter-indications to I-Sculpt are found (refer to the section What are the contraindications to I-Sculpt? below), the therapist can begin the treatment.

She places the high-intensity focused electromagnetic field applicator(s) on the muscle area to be treated: abdominals, thighs, buttocks, etc., and then sets the intensity of the session. These electrodes will then create muscle contractions.

The session can be done either in underwear or dressed. Indeed, the magnetic field can penetrate through clothing and deeply into the area to be treated.

During the session, which lasts 30 minutes, the therapist can program up to 20,000 contractions depending on your sensitivity. At the beginning of the session, she will program low-intensity contractions so that your body gets used to them and then increase the intensity little by little.

After the session, you will have the feeling of having completed an intense workout and you may feel some aches and pains the following days. These aches and pains usually disappear after 2 days.

You will notice a decrease in body fat after the first few treatments. We recommend 4 to 6 treatments per area for a more lasting effect.

Does I-Sculpt FMS eliminate fat?

The I-Sculpt has been shown to eliminate fat. Thanks to the voluntary contractions induced by the device, your fat cells will be solicited. The adrenaline these muscle contractions release sends a signal that tells the fat cells to start destroying themselves.

The fat cells are then destroyed by apoptosis and are eliminated gradually by the emunctories.

The result is striking! After 4 sessions, you can lose up to 22% of fat and increase your muscle mass by up to 18%! We recommend spacing the sessions at least 3 days apart for an optimal effect.


Why choose I-Sculpt to sculpt your body quickly?

Our bodies are not naturally able to create “supramaximal” contractions, that is, a number of contractions much higher than what is considered maximal.

The I-Sculpt FMS from Bodyline Center in Geneva forces the body to create a large number of contractions, up to 20,000 in one session.

To adapt to this high level of stress, your body will cause muscle hypertrophy and create new muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia). The internal structure of the muscle will then be remodeled and redesigned in depth, which will make the muscle grow in density and volume.

This is why the I-Sculpt is a very effective slimming device.

To further optimize the results, we recommend that you drink 2 liters of water per day and perform lymphatic drainage a few days after your session.

Who can benefit from I-Sculpt?

I-Sculpt is for men and women who want to reduce body fat, tone their bodies, firm their bodies, and sculpt them quickly.


What are the counter-indications of I-Sculpt?

In principle, the I-Sculpt can be used by everyone, however, its use is not indicated if you:

  • Wear a pacemaker or any other type of cardiac stimulator
  • Have electronic or metallic implants (piercing, IUD)
  • Suffer from pulmonary insufficiency
  • Have a tumor
  • Are pregnant
  • Are allergic to latex

Don't hesitate to contact us on 022 310 48 11 if you have any questions about I-Sculpt.
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