Best center of cellulite cavitation and transion in Geneva

You want to remodel and tone your skin? The anti-cellulite cavitation and the transion are the ideal methods for you to reach your objectives!

The cellulite cavitation by ultrasounds is an innovative technic that reduces the cellulite and the fatty cells (adipocytes). This method consists in diluting the fat by attacking the fat tissues with low-frequency waves that are non-invasive and painless.


How to lose weight and remove quickly the cellulite with the cavitation

Thanks to an exclusive two-waves modulation process, Bodyline Center proposes you the Hi-Line Compact 4 that offers a risk-free treatment methodology, which enhances the effects of Cavitation. It was developed specifically to target fat deposits and cellulite accumulating in the superficial layers of the body (the skin and sub-cutaneous layers).
During treatment, ultrasounds stimulate deep layers of the skin with low-frequency sound vibrations. The pressure and counter-pressure of these tiny waves micro-massages cells, inciting them to flush out toxins. The ultrasounds make the outer and inner cutaneous layers healthier, rejuvenating and strengthening the skin. This treatment is the ideal method for achieving exceptional results in a non-invasive way. It sculpts your body and revitalizes your skin.

Lose weight quickly with our transion treatment!

Transion has a quick and highly effective slimming and firming effect. A noticeable reduction in volume in the treated areas can be seen from the first session. This exclusive VIP process uses square faradic waves to induce a twisting motion in the muscles, which produces a squeezing and wringing-out effect that helps eliminate excess liquids and fatty acids from the treated area. Recovery and toning of the treated area are quick and effortless.

Visible effects from the first session

The effects

  • Rapid, localised slimming action
  • Improved muscle tone after only 25 minutes
  • Targeted body sculpting
  • Toned skin


  • Replaces a 3 to 4 hours workout
  • Oxygenates and revitalises the skin.
  • Enhances natural collagen production in the skin.
  • Attenuates stretch marks

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