Cellu M6 from CHF 60.-

Discover a revolutionary method to say goodbye to cellulite and reshape your silhouette! Take advantage of our exclusive offer of the month: a CELLU M6 session from only CHF 60.- Don't miss out on this opportunity, click here to learn more and book now!

Cryolipolysis at

CHF 239.-

Do you dream of having a slim and harmonious silhouette? It’s possible with medical cryolipolysis! It dissolves unwanted fat, sculpts your body and reveals your beauty. Book now a cryolipolysis (Swiss price) of 239 CHF at Bodyline Center and enter a new dimension of beauty!

Special offer: i-Sculpt FMS for only CHF 110.-

Enhance your silhouette with our exclusive offer: i-Sculpt for only 110 CHF! Tone up your body today and bid farewell to visceral fat naturally. 30 minutes per session is the equivalent of 4 hours of sport. Book now and reveal your inner beauty!

All Body Wraps for CHF 99.-

Try our slimming body wraps for CHF 99 per session! We offer cold and hot slimming body wrap programs that have draining and toning effects to eliminate fat and toxins fast from your body. Achieve visible results from the very first visit to Bodyline Center.

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    Bodyline Center, your slim center in Geneva

    A modern slimming center in the heart of Geneva

    We offer you the latest innovations, machines and techniques in the weight loss industry.

    100% natural care products

    The best solutions to lose weight, eliminate cellulite and tighten loose skin.

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    traitments for man

    Visible results within the first weeks

    traitments for man

    Visible results within the first weeks


    Our main treatments

    Bodyline Center offers you a range of treatments to treat specific body zones (waistline, thighs, butt, etc…). We provide you with personalised treatments tailored to your body goals. Our treatments are available for both men and women.

    The slimming center that takes care of you!

    Bodyline Center, your slimming center in Geneva welcomes you into a modern and comfortable environment. Our slim experts provide your slim balance for free and you then receive a treatment tailored to your weight-loss objectives. Thanks to our state of the art equipment, our expertise and our the 100% natural products, we guarantee that you will feel great and see visible results within weeks!

    Your objective

    Whether you wish to slim down after a pregnancy, sculpt your body after a sharp increase in weight or simply say goodbye to your cellulite, Bodyline Center offers you the perfect solution tailored to your needs.