All Body Wraps for CHF 99.-

All Body Wraps for CHF 110.-

Body Wraps: Try our 100% natural slimming products for CHF 99.- a session!

Our body wraps at Bodyline Center ensure visible results as of the first session.

At Bodyline Center in Geneva, we offer the best slimming solution suited to your objectives.
The different body wraps that we offer at Bodyline Center are the Cryotonic wrap, the Detox wrap, the Thermo wrap, the Toxin elimination (CCT), the Mineral body wrap (SLTB), and the FMS Treatment (Fat Mobilisation System).

Each wrap is designed to improve the appearance and the texture of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. Among the many benefits of body wraps, they boost the lymphatic system and metabolism, detox your body, and tighten your skin. Thus, leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated, smooth and radiant.

Get your body wrap session at the exceptional price of CHF 99.- instead of CHF 150.- at Bodyline Center in Geneva.

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