Light Angel therapy for skin treatments – Geneva

The Light Angel is a LED PHOTOMODULATION device that uses revolutionary technology to treat skin problems and help you to slim down.

The Light Angel

This state-of-the-art machine made by B-Tan France, is the answer to all your aesthetic problems (both face and body). Using the most powerful technologies of tissue rejuvenation.

The treatment with the Light Angel is a technique based on dynamic phytotherapy (LED) and combined with cosmetic masks suitable for all skin types.

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Led photomodulation

With this revolutionary device, you will visibly improve your skin condition thanks to the lights from the LEDS which promotes the production of collagen and elastin (Fibroblasts).

The slim light

This revolutionary new body sculpting and slimming technology based on invisible infrared LEDS (904nm), allows you to lose up to two dress sizes (results visible after 12 treatments).

How does it work?

When it comes to slimming treatments, the adipocyte (the cell specialized in the storage of fat) is solicited by the LED light up to the membrane, it opens and releases the glycerol which is released into the blood and the lymph. It is then eliminated naturally. However, the person being treated must not eat during the two hours after the treatment (the time it takes for the membrane to close).

Cosmetic masks

The gel masks used during the treatment are composed of different active ingredients necessary for each skin condition. For example, a different gel is used to treat cellulite, stretch marks, firming, anti-aging, scars, etc.

Bodyline Center is the reference for the led light angel

Practically all the celebrities today who are beautiful after their 50’s have a secret:

LEDS-therapy is an EFFICIENT way to fight against cellulite, body mass, wrinkles, baldness, hair loss and ensure skin rejuvenation.

At 50 years old, be it men or women … Reality hits!

The skin

  • Cellulite, sagging skin
  • Body mass
  • Dehydrated epidermis
  • Sagging face skin, marked wrinkles
  • Thin and dull skin
  • Targeting of flaccid body and specific zones
  • Lack of energy and motivation

The hair

  • Decrease of the overall volume of the hair
  • Hair loss

Information on this new technical innovation, without any side effects …

LEDS techniques come from NASA’s scientific research laboratory, initially invented to heal the wounds of astronauts in zero gravity. They stimulate fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen, the anti-aging molecule of the skin).

This slows down the production of enzymes responsible for collagen depletion and loss of skin elasticity. Accelerating the renewal of cells.

LED THERAPY is now available in SWITZERLAND at Bodyline Center, the first slimming center specializing in skin and silhouette solutions.

The positive physiological effects of LED THERAPY are manifold:

  • Removes stretch marks
  • Treats cellulite and firm tissues
  • Reduces body mass and smoothens skin
  • Stimulates cellular metabolism
  • Activates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin
  • Tissue oxygenation
  • Strengthens the immunity of the skin and helps detox
  • Fades spots, hyperpigmentation and pregnancy mask (melasma).
  • Accelerates the healing processes and improves the appearance of scars of any origin (accidental, after burns, surgery …)
  • Treats inflammatory acne and excess sebum by tightening the pores of the skin
  • Stops hair loss
  • Incites hair regrowth

The potential of LED’s effectiveness in comparison to other aesthetic treatments (such as injections, peels, lasers, pulsed light …). There are less or even no side effects with the LED Light Angel that come with other treatments such as redness, edema or secondary pigmentary reactions. Furthermore, a session of LED Light Angel immediately after an aesthetic treatment, is very beneficial for you.

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